Bamboo Dock

Bamboo Dock 4.1

Accesses Wacom products' system settings
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Manage and adjust the system settings and perform standard resource monitoring operations for Wacom products by accessing the freeware control suite. Such tools CPU and network monitors, clocks, weather information and Recycle Bin controllers are available.

Bamboo Dock is a software application developed by Wacom Europe GmbH, Europark Fichtenhain A9, 47807 Krefeld, Germany (hereinafter "Wacom") for the free use of owners of Wacom products. Bamboo Dock facilitates the simple selection, downloading, installation, access and use of and to Bamboo Minis. Bamboo Minis are miniature software applications enabling users to run, test and explore the Wacom products in a new way and by different methods. The Bamboo Minis are made available by independent developers or Wacom itself (hereinafter "Developers") and, subject to acceptance of the present Terms of Use, can be downloaded free from the Wacom website and (after acceptance of the Licensing Agreement) installed. The same applies to the Bamboo Dock software.

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